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Aladdin (2019) อะลาดิน


Aladdin is an abandoned street urchin from the Arabian city of Agrabah and his monkey Abu meet princess Jasmine who has managed to sneak away from her luxurious life at the palace. Jasmine hopes to succeed to her father’s post as Sultan, but is scheduled to marry one of her royal lovers, which includes the charming, but shrewd Prince Anders. Jafar, the grand vicar plans to take down the Sultan and is seeking an enchanted light that is hidden in the Cave of Wonders. However, only the “diamond in rough” is allowed to enter the cave.

Jafar’s pet bird Iago observes Aladdin and Abu getting into the palace of the royal family and chatting with Jasmine. Jafar then captures Aladdin. Jafar promises to create Aladdin rich enough to delight Jasmine and Jasmine for a exchange for the lamp. He warns him not to use any other items. In the cave Aladdin unlocks the magic carpet, and then discovers the lamp, however Abu can’t resist touching the precious objects, which causes the cave to fall down. Aladdin passes the lamp over to Jafar who is then kicked by Abu and then double crosses him. Abu then takes the lamp.

Aladdin is trapped in the cave, rubs the lamp to summon his all-powerful Geenie. He informs him that he’s got the power to grant Aladdin three wishes. Aladdin is able to get his family out of the cave but he doesn’t make a wish since there was no rub on the lamp in the manner that the Genie instructed him to do. Determined to woo Jasmine through his first official wish to become a prince and promises to grant his third wish in order to release the Genie from his servitude and change his form into a human.

Aladdin arrives in Agrabah disguised as Prince Ali of Ababwa However, Aladdin fails to please Jasmine. In his role as Aladdin’s human servant, the Genie falls in love with Jasmine’s handmaiden. Aladdin and Jasmine are in love when he takes her on a trip on the magic carpet. Conceived into divulging his true identity, he reveals his true identity to herby claiming that he’s actually a prince, and is dressed as a common peasant to explore Agrabah.

Jafar discovers that Aladdin is his real identity and throws him into the palace moat in the hopes that if he’s successful, it will reveal that he is the lamp. Aladdin is saved by the Genie, who refuses the second desire of his. Once he is saved, Aladdin returns to the palace to destroy Jafar’s magical cobra staff. This eliminates his authority over the Sultan, and also the Sultan’s plot. Jafar is arrested and sent to the dungeons. The Sultan then permits Aladdin to wed Jasmine. Aladdin refuses to keep his promise to release the Genie. The Genie is unsure whether he can remain his image without Jafar . He retreats towards the lamp.

Jafar is released by Iago and is given the Genie’s lamp. Jafar makes his first wish to be a the sultan. But, Jasmine reminds Jafar’s palace guards of their loyalty and makes them decide to turn against Jafar. Jafar makes his second wish of becoming the greatest wizard in the world to expose Aladdin and then to exile him and Abu to an unfrozen desert. Jasmine and Jasmine are locked up together with Jasmine’s beloved Tiger Rajah. Jasmine is threatening to shoot Dalia and the Sultan in the event Jasmine isn’t married to the Sultan. At the wedding, Jasmine saves the lamp from Jafar and jumps onto the magic carpet to escape together with Aladdin and Abu who were rescued from the frozen wasteland by the magic carpet after the Genie placed the carpet behind Jafar’s back. Chased by Iago Jafar, who Jafar briefly changed into a roc . Jafar by using a thunderstorm and a sand twister Aladdin and Jasmine are taken prisoner and the magic carpet is destroyed.

Aladdin is a sarcastic snarky Jafar as a second-rate power source to the Genie. Aladdin is enticed to achieve the ultimate goal of become “the most powerful creature in the universe” that the Genie requires him to transform into, turning Jafar into a much more powerful genie. The genie entraps Jafar in his own lamp and then he drags Iago to him as well, and the Genie is forced to bring his victims to the Cave of Wonders. Abu is capable of saving the magic carpet , and the Genie fixes the carpet. Aladdin is faithful to his promise and fulfils his wish to release the Genie and let him become an actual human. Aladdin and Jasmine are married when the Sultan swears in Jasmine as his successor to the throne. The Genie gets married to Dalia and they begin as a family of extended members and travel the world together, becoming the mariner who is the one who tells his children the tale about Aladdin in the opening scene of the film.


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